Olive and Bear

Olive and Bear

After three and a half years, Christina Southgate and her husband Chris self-published their children’s book "I Can Help!"

Inspired by the relationship between their daughter and helper, Christina realized that children’s books were focused on relationships within the family unit. In Singapore, where helpers are common, there are no books featuring them and who they are to young kids. Out of this was born "I Can Help!"

In her home country of Australia, Christina and her husband didn’t have access to helpers. With one here, they’ve recognized how blessed they are to be able to work full-time and go on date knows, knowing that their children are safe with their helper, Myrna Corpuz.

The book helps children understand who helpers are and what their relationship is with the family. It shows them that helpers are a privilege, teaching children to be kind to their helpers as well.

All proceeds from the book go to the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), which supports and ensures the rights of domestic helpers in Singapore.
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