In Spanish, “maracuya” means passion fruit. For Carolina Bouteiller, it’s a brand she’s created as a long time social worker and advocate for indigenous groups in Columbia.

Wanting to blend her social work with her passion for fashion, Bouteiller launched her brand to bring South American beauty and culture to Asia. Her mixed ethnicity and long residency in Singapore provide her with a different outlook on what traditional, cultural beauty looks like.

The Wayuus, an indigenous group in Columbia, have been affected by extreme climate conditions, pollution, local mining, and hunger. However, they have upheld their artful tradition of hand-stitching accessories. By souring her products from these artisans, Bouteiller knows that she’s not sacrificing quality in any way.

She showcases the traditional craftsmanship of these people in her jewelry, handbags and headbands, all of which honor the history of these indigenous people. Each piece is handmade, telling a story of culture that has been passed down through the generations. The thoughtful, painstaking processes are valued and respected by their creators.

Maracuya is a representation of tropical, cultural beauty while upholding the traditions and respect for indigenous Columbian designs.

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