Hadasity - Created For A Greater Cause

Hadasity - Created For A Greater Cause

Hadasity's heartbeat is to encourage women and children from impoverished countries by being a forerunner in seeing art, fashion and craftsmanship come together to bless and channel funds towards those on the front lines, fighting injustice and rescuing women and children.

They do this by designing and co-creating with organisations all over the world, that are on the ground rescuing women and children from human trafficking and being exploited due to poverty in their nations. These organisations also fight human trafficking preventively by providing employment and skills training at high risk areas.

Through their products, they dream to bring hope in providing a sustainable livelihood for these rescued women who need time to heal and provide for their families as they have come out of an undesirable and abusive trade.

They hope to share their stories of tears and joy in this journey and give voice to those that are more often that not, unseen and unheard.

They also want to champion today's woman by interviewing in our community, one story at a time. Be it in being a homemaker, engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, banker etc, we want to invite your hearts to knit together and build a community of women, encouraging women.

Through their jewelry and other products that they design and co-create, they hope to help you give your loved ones gifts with messages of encouragement, hope, and express your heart and joy for the people that mean something to you.

Hadasity hopes that when you buy and shop, you know that you are not just a consumer to them. With every purchase, you are partners with them - making change, giving voice to the voiceless and bringing hope to the nations.

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