Flair by Tori

Flair by Tori

Debuting with their 木漏れ日 Komorebi Leather Collection in November of 2021, Flair by Tori has hit the Singapore fashion scene with their Japanese inspired designs.

This new homegrown women’s fashion label aims to celebrates life in colour through vibrant, contemporary designs. Every style is a true original, and explores the use of different prints, materials and textiles to create distinct pieces of wearable art.

Made to be enjoyed bra-free, their design construction centers around a unique One Wear® concept that ensures versatility comfort, and flair.

Made with Japanese cotton and Australian kangaroo leather, their clothing blends two cultures to make unique pieces. The intermix of fabrics and cultures are inspired by our connected way of life and cultural diversity as women of today’s generation.

Kangaroo leather is a recycled by-product that is completely natural, sustainable, renewable, and the greenest alternative to other leathers and synthetic materials. Thin and strong, this leather also contains revolutionary technology that allows it to be washed and dry perfectly.

The Japanese cotton is sourced directly from textile makers in Japan. Using fabric that is often reserved for traditional yukatas and kimonos, each print is unique and brings a taste of Japanese culture.
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