Curated By J

Curated By J

Miss J believes that there are always opportunities if one was to stay open.  ‘Curated by J’ was created during the lockdown in the midst of the global pandemic. She was looking for a piece of jewellery, for a gift and wanted something sentimental yet appealing and at an attainable price point.

Like everyone else at that time, we could only shop online but she wasn’t wowed with what she saw available in the online stores in Singapore. When it comes to jewellery, it should excite you, make you feel beautiful when wearing it. Something that makes you excited, wants to take pictures and show it to your friends.

One day, a friend of Miss J introduced her to this jewellery brand called Aleyolé. As she was browsing through, beautiful arrays of jewellery stood out and she simply can't take her eyes off. However the shipping cost to Singapore was extremely expensive and was a deterrence for her.

Aleyolé has charming jewellery designs marked by simplicity, minimalist yet elegant. They’ve got the classic, to everyday hoops and the special occasion sparkle. Singapore though small, we love shopping, it’s such a cosmopolitan city. There’s room for a mid tier jewellery, there is also room for Curated By J to bring in more jewellery for Singaporeans to appreciate. At that point in time, we can’t travel like we used to. So the idea came, why not bring it into Singapore? Aleyolé’s jewellery is unlike any in the market. And we women, love options. The more the merrier. Aleyolé’s jewellery makes the perfect gift for yourself, a best friend, a new mum to be, a sister in law, a mother.

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